It's All About Me And Other Stuff

So, You Ask Yourself....
Who Is This "Kirby The Wonder Dog"? And What Does He Wonder?

Well Here Are A Few Things I "Wonder" About...

  • I Wonder Where My Mom Hides Those Cheerios She Rations Out So Sparingly?
  • I Wonder When Are We Going To The Park?  I Don't Care That We Have Gone Once Already Today,  I Want To Go Again!
  • I Wonder Who Named Me Kirby And Not Hoover, Dyson or Kenmore?
  • I Wonder Where My Paramour, Patches Le Barc Is Hiding?
  • I Wonder Why Dogs Were Deprived Of Opposable Thumbs?
  • I Wonder Why It Is Unacceptable To Indulge In Kitty Roca, When It's So Tempting!
  • I Wonder Why It Is Acceptable For Me To "Sniff" Other Dogs But Not Humans?
  • I Wonder What That Interesting Smell Is That Came From Behind Me A Moment Ago?
  • I Wonder A Lot Of Things But Here Some Things I KNOW...

  • Dogs Don't Care What Kind Of Car You Drive, As Long As You Take Us You!
  • Dogs Don't Care What you Do For A Living As Long As You Take Care of Us, No Matter What It Takes!
  • Dogs Don't Care What Care What Kind Of House You Live In As Long As It's Our Home Too
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  • Dogs Don't Care About Anything, Except That You Love Us!
God Bless Dogs!  Oh wait, He DOES!

I know you may find this hard to believe but I am really quite famous.  Okay, I hope to be, someday.  I have a video, or two, on Facebook and hope to go viral.  With you help, I will.  Take a look here at one of my best works.....eating cars.  Yes, eating cars!  You have to see it to believe it!  Notice how the cars disappear after I eat them.  I am... MAGIC!  Hence the reason I am known as......"Kirby the Wonder Dog".  Hmmm...maybe I should be Kirby the Magic Dog.  Something to think about, no?

You can "like me" on Facebook... but why wouldn't you want to?? 
Just look for Kirby Wood
I have lots of friends but can always use more!


Oh, I forgot...One more little quote of wisdom.  I must give credit to Dean Koontz for this one.  It is very special to me.  From his book "A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog Named Trixie"  I recommend it to everyone!

“Most of us will never be able to live with as much joy as a dog brings to every moment of his day.  But if we recognize that we share a Tao, we then see that the dog lives closer to that code than we do, and the way to achieving greater joy becomes clear.  Loyalty, unfailing love, instant forgiveness, a humble sense of his place in the scheme of things, a sense of wonder-these and other virtues of a dog arise from his innocence.  The first step toward greater joy is to stop fleeing from innocence, begin retreating from cynicism and nihilism, and embrace once more the truth that life is mysterious and that it daily offers meaningful wonders for our consideration. 
Dogs Know.”

Amen Dean, Amen!

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